Got a Research Paper on Cloning? Here's the research you need

Cloning has been a topic of great controversy and ethics for a long time.


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Cloning has been a topic of great controversy and ethics for a long time. 

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As for the cloning of human beings, the question is many-fold. Firstly, is the question of why the clone is being made. Obviously, a clone will be an exact organ match to the person being cloned. If the clone is to be used for organ harvesting to benefit the donor, well, that is fairly well obviously unethical.

But that raises the question of what rights, exactly, will a clone have? As a clone is not a natural-born human being, do they still have the exact same rights as a natural-born human being? And while the obvious answer is, yes, of course, they do, there are several murky areas still to be worked out.

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Should human cloning be permitted?

Are there any potential benefits of cloning?

Are all the ethical controversies surrounding this topic based on scientific notions?

Can clones be mentally and behaviorally identical?

What is the social context of cloning in this era?

Are there any cultural boundaries that can pose ethical limitations to this topic?

What type of legislation might be enacted in the developed countries to control human cloning, if it is permitted?

Are there any laws that are currently addressing this issue?

The topic single-handedly prompts a lot of questions and there are numerous thesis statements that can lead research on this topic. Due to cloning, there are also legitimate concerns of identity theft or a loss of diversity that can lead to a decrease in the quality of genetic makeup. However, the actual process of potential cloning does not connect with the fictional processes that are displayed in films and TV shows. There is also a need to clear up doubts and confusion on a large scale that people have regarding the whole process. The ability of this process to solve medical problems is also under debate and it may not prove to be sufficiently successful in the foreseeable future. If there are clones in this world, they would have their own vital interests and a separate legal and moral standing which would have to be accommodated. The debate will always exist whether human cloning is useful and moral or irrelevant and immoral. If students or researchers want to fully comprehend the subject matter and also grasp the argument on both sides, there is a need to understand all the details associated with the topic with the help of the best dissertation writing service. One can only participate in this intellectual debate without having any feelings of oblivion or incompetence. 


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