What features define a flat apartment?

Understand what are the characteristics of the flat apartment and how this type of property differs from others, such as loft and studio

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Almost everyone has heard of a flat apartment. This type of property usually generates many doubts regarding its operation and the differences it has compared to other options available in the real estate market.

In this article, we will clarify what are the characteristics of the flat apartment, in which it differs from a standard apartment and what is the profile of the resident who normally looks for a property like this. Find out how the flat can be a good investment option in the future. 


When asking 'what is a flat?', It is possible that the expression apart hotel soon comes to mind , as this type of property is also known. The name derives from the main characteristic of flat buildings: they have some similarities to hotels.  

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The resident of a flat apartment has at his disposal some services that are offered in the hotel chain, such as daily cleaning, change of bed and bath linen, meals and others, which are then charged together with the condominium fee. Some buildings may also offer a massage therapist, personal trainer, and valet.

Amenities are the biggest differential of living in a flat

Living in a flat can be interesting for those who live alone and for those looking for a practical and comfortable life. Professionals who travel a lot for work also benefit from the flat system, as they can enjoy hotel-style services without losing the feeling of having a home. The flat apartment is also an option for real estate investors, since it can be rented for both short and long periods.

The flat apartment has services from the hotel chain, such as changing bed linen and towels and laundry


The main difference between flat and apartment is in the facilities offered by flat buildings which, as mentioned above, follow the hotel's line of services. In general, the standard apartment can be more spacious, since the flat is usually only slightly larger than a hotel room, since it has a kitchen. 

Although they may have similar footage, there is a difference between flat, loft and kitnet, or even studios, exactly because of the offer of services that look like a hotel. Living spaces are very present in new studio apartment developments, for example, but private services, such as maid and meals, are generally not provided.

In addition to the bedroom, living room and bathroom, the flat has a small kitchen, even with the possibility of using the meal service

The average length of the flat is around 30 m², but there are options with two bedrooms and 60 m². In rare cases, it is possible to find flats larger than 100 m². The floor plan usually consists of a small living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, and the apartment is furnished.


Yes, you can buy the flat, either to live, rent or resell. To understand how buying a flat works, it is important to know that these properties are governed by hotel standards. This makes the flat a financially advantageous option, as it allows the owner to live in the property and, on days when he is not in the city, for example, rent it. 

The flat apartment can be made available for rent through the hotel management system (called a 'pool'), or privately (called 'out of the pool'), which is when the owner takes care of the rent.

The flat can be used as a home and as rental income, without contracts being governed by the Tenancy Law


Regarding how much a flat costs, this type of property follows the same line as other offers in the real estate market: the value will depend on some factors, such as location, floor area, condition of the property and demand. It is possible to find flats from R $ 100 thousand, but, as we stress, the price varies a lot. 

Buying a flat in São Paulo will certainly be synonymous with being well located, since these properties are usually built in strategic points of the city, in agreement with the target audience of busy professionals.

Flat apartments also represent a possibility for travel savings. When comparing how much a flat in Rio de Janeiro costs and how much a hotel costs, you are likely to find better accommodation prices at the flats.
If you are thinking about buying a new property and do not know what type would best suit your profile, the best option is to research the options, make visits (even virtual ones) and consult with a real estate agent.


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