Why attending real estate events can be important to your business

Strengthen networking, learn about useful technologies to leverage business and maintain constant learning.

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Strengthen networking, learn about useful technologies to leverage business and maintain constant learning. These are just some of the advantages of the participation of real estate professionals in events in the segment. After all, we are talking about essential factors for you and your company to stay ahead of the competition in the real estate market.

In addition to the mentioned advantages, there are also excellent opportunities to close deals during these meetings. Therefore, in this post, we will explain why you should participate in real estate events and how it can help the company to have more visibility. Check out!

What are the benefits of events for real estate?

There is no doubt that visibility is the biggest advantage offered to real estate agents when participating in events in the segment. As market offers are centralized in one place, customers are more open to closing deals during these meetings.

In addition, it is a great opportunity for professionals in the sector to update themselves on technologies and strategies that can help to optimize real estate processes through lectures, workshops, courses etc. All of this is essential for brokers and managers to be more prepared to face competition in the real estate market.

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How to choose the best real estate events to participate?

Before deciding which events will be included in your calendar, it is important to know the options and make a plan that considers the costs of participation and the benefits offered according to the needs of the business. Do a good research and find out about the participating public - list and references of speakers, organizers etc.

Do not forget that these events are an excellent opportunity to absorb market trends and communicate with important partners, who can offer solutions for your business. It is the chance to increase your networking and stand out.

What are the main real estate events in Brazil?

The annual calendar of events geared to the segment in Brazil has at least five opportunities that you should consider. See which are some of the most important events in the sector.

Connects Imobi

When it comes to real estate marketing, Conecta Imobi can be considered the most important event aimed at professionals in the segment. In it, more than 60 renowned speakers are gathered to talk about new technologies and trends . In addition, there are trainings and courses with an audience of more than five thousand people.

Summit Real Estate Brazil

Made in partnership between the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo and Secovi (Housing Union of São Paulo), Summit Imobiliário is aimed at both managers and brokers, with debates and lectures that have as main objective the exchange of experiences.

QR Summit

The organizers warn: this is the most disruptive event in the real estate market. The idea here is to show participants some of the most established cases that can serve as an inspiration to increase their sales. Network, digital marketing and innovation are among the pillars of this great meeting.

Digital Summit Real Estate

The leading experts in digital transformation gathered at an event. This is the promise of Imobiliária Digital Summit, bringing content especially to professionals in the real estate market who wish to improve their performance in the digital age.

Companies that want to stay ahead of the competition in the real estate market should consider participating in industry events. They are an excellent alternative to be aware of the main trends and solutions to optimize the company's management.


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