With the low Selic, investing in real estate is an advantageous option

Anyone looking to acquire the long-awaited home of their own has certainly heard of the Selic Rate. After all, it is this rate that influences practically all sectors of the Brazilian economy, and with the real estate sector it could not be different! With the fall of the Selic, there wa

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Most Brazilians use the financing scheme when investing in the purchase of a property. And this long-term operation ends up involving annual adjustments in the value of the installments. Given this situation, it is common for people to be afraid to take credit in the market to buy a house or an apartment, with high interest rates.

However, with the Selic rate down, the financing conditions are more advantageous, as the banks also lowered their own interest rates. Therefore, given this scenario, the purchase of a property becomes a business with much less risk.

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How is the current scenario – investing in real estate

For almost a year, the Central Bank has been reducing the basic interest rate in Brazil. In June 2020, for example, the Copom (Monetary Policy Committee) lowered the Selic to 2.25% per year, and since August the Selic has dropped even further, reaching 2%, the lowest level in history. The fall in the interest rate on housing finance also generated an increase in demand for real estate. Therefore, more than ever, the time is excellent for those looking for a good buying opportunity, both in cash and financed.

With the conditions of the current real estate market scenario, it is easy to understand that when investing in the purchase of a ready-made property, you will have a considerable return per month on rent. After all, it's always good to guarantee a fixed income with rent money, isn't it?  in real estate

It is important to remember that properties purchased in the plant have a perspective of appreciation after completion. Thus, the financial return when renting is also guaranteed. With the fall of the Selic, the real estate market is benefited at both ends, for those who want to withdraw funds from fixed income to invest and for those who want to finance their own home. Another point is that with the Covid Pandemic 19 the behavior of society changed, people started to stay more at home and with that the importance of home ownership grew. Demand for credit for retirement has also increased. Many people will remain in a home office after all this has passed and already want to invest in improvements or expansion, for the office, for example. An OLX Survey, classifieds site, showed this trend. According to the company, during the pandemic, 19% of people said they had increased their interest in buying property and 41% maintained their desire. The low Selic rate and the search for more spacious and comfortable properties, since the pandemic forced us to stay more at home, made the financial sector surprised by the positive results.


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