What Entrepreneurs Need to Look Out for When Sourcing App Developers in the UK

Whether your company is a small business or startup or even if you’re an experienced entrepreneur, choosing the right developer for your app can be an intimidating process.


Apps can be a powerful marketing tool for spreading your company’s name, building relationships with users and offering supplementary services. There also are many additional app features that can propel your business, including employee productivity, geolocation, push notifications and many more. And really good app development can get you noticed, as was the case with an app built by Software Developers UK, Video Date, which was recently featured in Time magazine, USA TodayGlamour and other publications. 

But if your app doesn’t work well or provide a positive user experience from the beginning, it could have a very different impact: negative reviews that could harm your company’s reputation.

Here are some questions to help entrepreneurs screen app development companies:

How Much Experience Do They Have?

A seasoned management structure can withstand the constant twists and turns of innovation. And an experienced company also likely has the knowledge and tools to create reliable, researched solutions that provide functionality and polished interactivity. A modern, streamlined app can be intuitive for your users, but it takes an experienced hand to make that vision a reality.

Do They Look at the Analytics?

Data can help you harness the power of information as your app continues to evolve: How are users using your app? How much time do they spend when they use it? How is it useful to them? These data points provide crucial insights. You can capitalize on behavior traits picked up by analytics to implement targeted in-app communications that remind users of features they haven’t used, invite them back to experience new updates or to simply say “thank you” for their support.

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Will They Be a Partner?

At a reputable app development company, the collaborative process begins from the very first conversation and dominates the process from top to bottom. To get started, app development and design strategists should analyze your idea for crucial insights into feature functionality, technical feasibility and long-term monetization strategies for rapid application development. They should bring as much of your vision as possible into the app development process and ensure every app is completely customized to your individual needs.

Will Someone Take My Idea?

Make sure the app development company is willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement so that your ideas remain your own.

How much will it cost?

Look for a company that will offer a free consultation, providing you an opportunity to speak directly with people who will be working on your site to see if their ideas align with yours and if they will really listen to what you are looking for in your site. They should also be willing to provide you an estimate and a rough timeline. For example, Software Developers UK says right on its website that it can provide Android and iPhone app development staring at  £12 per hour and can typically deliver a completed app in 4 weeks.

It is difficult to know for sure how successful an app can be. But asking the right questions and sourcing the right app developers can ensure that entrepreneurs are on the right track to success.

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