I would not want to find someone to write my essay. DIY is my policy

I would not want to find someone to write my essay. DIY is my policy


In this day and age of outsourcing and aided study, it seems to be possible to find someone to write my essay. I guess I would have to pay quite a hefty sum to do this. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am not the kind of person who likes to keep passing the buck. The last thing I want to do is to take credit for something that someone else has originated. It surely does not feel right to take the credit, when there is some other person who has bent over backwards, trying to understand the task at hand and come up with an essay that is worthy of a very good grade.

It is not only unfair to the person concerned, but also quite unethical to not write my essay on my own. You might wonder why I am an ardent advocate of the DIY, or in other words, the ‘Do It Yourself’ policy. You would be surprised to note that I am the kind of person to figure out on my own, how to put together a chicken coop. I would do it on my own with minimal help for the store keeper who sells me the raw materials, rather than have a person from the same store, come home and assemble it for me. More than anything else, it is the challenge of the task that appeals to my senses.

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There is a great sense of achievement that I feel when I write my own essay. It has taken me quite a long time to perfect the art of essay writing. It does not matter what writing topics I plan to focus on. Whatever is the topic, I am not afraid to write since my creative writing abilities have been honed under the watchful supervision of my mentor and guides. It has been a backbreaking effort for me to come to this level, but let me tell you… it is worth the wait.

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When I decided to write my essay, there was quite a lot of ridicule that I encountered. Since I belong to a family where values of honesty and integrity are of utmost importance, it was not a problem to fall in line with all those who had passed through these doors of knowledge, without succumbing to such pressures. I insisted on involving my guide in the process, since I knew he would be the right person to help me focus on writing an essay. My first informative essay would have been a big disaster, if I had not had the sense to involve a close friend of mine to proofread it first.

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Today, I am the proud recipient of quite a few prizes and commendations for my contributions to the world of varied essay writing. There are many essay writing tips and essay writing help guides that have been written; I am more in favor of learning the hard way. Since only practice can make perfect, I have gone about the task in a dogged way and clambered to the top.

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