Hunting for novelty in the Arctic

"There are a lot of strange people, young and old, coming out of Tianwaitian," said the Black Dwarf God. "Just now I saw a bird attacking two underworld masters in the martial arts world.

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"There are a lot of strange people, young and old, coming out of Tianwaitian," said the Black Dwarf God. "Just now I saw a bird attacking two underworld masters in the martial arts world. The bird is owned by a girl in Tianwaitian. I have found out the name of the bird. It is called'Buddhist monk ', but it is not an ordinary Buddhist monk bird." "There is such a thing," exclaimed the old whale king. "The girl's name is Ruyi Longnu," said the Black Dwarf God. "Another boy's name is Jixiang Tong. He also has a Three Treasures Bird. In fact, the bird is also called Buddhist monk." Nian Gao asked, "Uncle Hei, are those two men and women bigger than me, Jinhua and Zhongbao?" "Almost," said the Black Dwarf. "You are young, too. Well, you go on to the North Pole, but pay attention. This trip is no less than ten thousand miles, and there are dangers everywhere along the way, so we must be careful. After the Black Dwarf handed the Whale King his hand.. "We'll eat in the woods," said Sha Zhongbao at once. "We'll cross the Kunlun Mountains this month." "Isn't that too fast?" Asked Jinhua. Sha Zhongbao said, "It's a little slower at home, but it's even slower when you enter Luocha. If you think about it, there must be problems from time to time." Nian Gao took out the food and asked the old man as he ate, "Old 38,custom cosmetic packing, what is the current situation in Raksha?" The Whale King said, "The territory of Raksha is divided at the moment. It's even more chaotic than your Western Regions. When you enter the country, you don't care about anyone except the people of Wulin. But Jianghu and Wulin are stationed in one side, and there are so many forces." Sha Zhongbao said, "This is the reason for the so-called slow journey!"! · Xipidi said to the old man, "Master, the Raksha Emperor sent everyone to the Central Plains. He probably came for you. He was afraid that it would be dangerous for you to invite the Sword King Cheng." The Whale King nodded and said, "Uncle is not only the Raksha Emperor,plastic laminated tube, but also the other factions. The Aurora faction is the only one who doesn't come to kill our master and disciples. At the same time, Mother Goose is also very dangerous!" Sha Zhongbao said, "My eldest brother is like a God. He must have a plan. My eldest brother will send someone to help Mother Goose in secret. The problem is, I don't know how Mother Goose's martial arts are." Xipidi: "She is almost the same as the master, except the Raksha Emperor himself.". I'm not afraid of his minions. "What do you know?" The old man snapped? How many masters are there around the Raksha Emperor? You only know the surface, do not understand the inside story of the faction, that is, the known'Battigo: Water Governor, even the master, I also want to be the main force! "Don't you know the enemy's strength?" Asked Sha Zhongbao. "Shaoxia," said the old man, "the more evil the sect is, the more difficult it is to understand its inner inferiority. Otherwise, the decayed man and Mother Goose would not have traveled thousands of miles to ask for help." As soon as she finished eating, Lan Yunxia suddenly jumped up and said, "What's that sound?" Sha Zhongbao choked and said, metal cosmetic tubes ,pump tube, "This is a desperate fight between two strange masters." He turned back to the old man of the Whale King Way. You take the wax gourd and rice cake and run out to the right. There may be a person who raises Buddha and hates Dharma in half a mile. I have heard the call of that strange bird. Don't conflict with him. Just keep an eye on him. In principle, we don't leave the direction of going to the North Pole. Don't look for me. "You're going to check out the fight between the two men," said Jinhua. "That's for sure," said Zhongbao. "It's probably the factory that came out of Tianwaitianshenzhi. After the factory was separated, "You say it's strange," said Lan Yunxia. "Where is it strange?"? "It's strange that you don't use your fists and feet," said Sha Zhongshi. If you listen to it, you will understand that it is throwing stones with divine power. Yes, there is the sound of heavy objects falling to the ground! "What's the difference between a master throwing a stone at his opponent and a village boy fighting?" Said Sha Zhongbao? Probably two old urchins. When Sha Zhongbao and Lan Yunxia found the place to make a sound. At a glance, I saw two strange and dirty old men comparing the huge stones. Apart from anything else, just take the huge stones they threw. It was enough to surprise the fearless Sha and Lan. "Zhongbao, how heavy do you think that stone they threw?" "At least four catties." Lan Yunxia said solemnly, "They not only have a certain proportion, but also seem to be far away from each other." "It's at least thirty feet away every time," said Sha Zhongbao. "It's strange. They are almost the same in distance. This one is a little behind, but that one is not overjoyed. What they are fighting for is only a few inches. Lan Yunxia said, "But those who fell behind then exceeded a little bit.". ” "They can't throw water far away," said Sha Zhongbao. You see, they both did their best. Before he had finished speaking, he suddenly saw an old man in dirty clothes who shouted at the top of his voice, "I'm addicted to it. Now it's the same as Biyuan." Then there is the endurance of internal strength, which is based on a hundred times, and whoever throws the nearest one will lose. "Bullshit." Don't you think I can do it? Okay. If you are far away, you can't raise your skill. If you are closer, you will lose a hundred times with the nearest person. As soon as Lan Yunxia heard their names, she almost laughed out loud, but suddenly a palm stretched out behind her and blocked her cherry mouth. Zhongbao. Your hands are so dirty. Why are you covering my mouth? When she said it, she suddenly felt that Sha Zhongbao's hands were folded. And watching in a trance, that.. ; is that assistant of Sha Zhongbao, whose arrival can surprise her greatly. Look back: "Master, you.." "Whisper softly, girl." It turned out that behind Lan Yunxia was a middle-aged woman, and it turned out that she was the Queen Mother of the world. The Queen Mother of the Earth is over 100 years old, but she looks only about fifty. When Sha Zhongbao was startled, he looked back and immediately saluted, saying, "Master, you are old." "Don't raise your voice, child." Sha Zhongbao is not a disciple of the Queen Mother of the Earth. He doesn't have a master at all. He calls it like this. It's all because of Lan Yunxia. The Queen Mother looked at it for a moment and said with a sigh, "Their martial arts have reached the realm of transcendence and sainthood." Lan Yunxia asked anxiously, "Master, do you always know them?" "Alas, these are the two wonders with the highest martial arts in the martial arts world known to my teacher." "Did they come from Tianwaitian?" Asked Sha Zhongbao. .“ Son, do you know Tianwaitian? Impossible, the world outside the sky and the dream world are not the world we live in, those two worlds do not exist, but there are those two worlds. "Master, have you ever been there?" "Of all the people I know in the martial arts world, only three have been there,empty lotion tubes," said the Queen Mother. "They've been there by mistake." "Who is it?" Sha Zhongbao asked urgently. "The first one is the Penguin Fairy," said the Queen Mother. Sha Zhongbao said in surprise, "My eldest brother's uncle." 。

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