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If Jinghua Investment Co., Ltd. wants to participate in it,

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If Jinghua Investment Co., Ltd. wants to participate in it, then it has to reconsider the composition of these capitals. Is Jinghua Investment as a share to join in the formation of Foutou Tourism Development Co., Ltd., or to participate in the construction of cultural tourism film and television base with the original Foutou Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and China Film, CCTV, Provincial Investment Company, Provincial Construction and Investment Company and Changjiang Film Studio? Cao Lang and Liu Bin were vague on this point on the phone, saying only that Lu Weimin could discuss it with the visitors when they came to inspect. Lu Weimin was not very clear about the background of Jinghua Investment, but through He Keng and Radar, he soon knew that there was a very deep origin behind the company, which should be said to have a deep origin with some of the children who had been separated after the liquidation. In fact, from the end of the eighties to the beginning of the nineties, after the state became more and more strict in cleaning up officials, these talents who had already accumulated a certain amount of primitive accumulation began to really enter the capital market of gradual marketization. At the same time, their original human resources can still bring them many advantages in many cases, so there are many similar existing financial capital in Beijing. At the same time, companies with more solid network capital have begun to look for opportunities in various fields in China in order to get more generous returns. Lu Weimin is not disgusted with these capital, in his view, the current Futou is not qualified to pick and choose foreign capital. In fact,ultrasonic dispersing machine, although these capitals have become some climates, many of them are reluctant to invest in manufacturing industry. They feel that manufacturing industry is too risky, especially affected by domestic and foreign economic climates. They are more inclined to invest in industries such as real estate, finance, mining, services and so on. However, the real estate industry has not really taken shape yet, and finance is not fully open to capital. The same is true of the mining industry,ultrasonic molten metal, the service industry such as hotels, tourism is relatively stable returns, especially in the case of sustained and stable development of the domestic economy, many people are quite optimistic about this. Perhaps it is for this reason that Jinghua Investment intends to come to Changjiang to test the water. After Lu Weimin thought for a while, he felt that he should consider ahead of time. Jinghua Investment is mostly to participate in the formation of Futou Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Qingyunjian and the development of the four ancient towns will be responsible for Futou Tourism Development Co., Ltd. This part of the return is more realistic than the cultural tourism film and television base. So when the capital contribution and equity have basically been fixed, he has to renegotiate with several parties. Still want to change? Both Song Dacheng and Pu Yan were a little surprised. Pu Yan frowned and said, "I'm afraid that's not very good, is it?"? All parties have said almost everything. How can I tell them at this time? Song Dacheng saw Lu Weimin's dilemma. Lu Weimin was very clear about the situation here. It must be that the capital that Lu Weitong could not evade would come in, so he would do so. So he just hesitated for a moment and said: "Secretary Lu, even if it is to be adjusted, I'm afraid the shares will not be too much. Overseas Chinese Town and Lin's side are not easy to change." It can only be changed in the equity of Luhai, Jiahuan and County Construction and Development Co., sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, Ltd. "Well, Dacheng, I also know that this matter is not easy to handle now, but there are some things we have to do. Jinghua Investment has a deep background in Beijing. It can help us promote the construction of film and television base. So there are some things we have to look at in the long run. It seems to suffer losses now, but it is beneficial to the long run." Lu Weimin is very satisfied with Song Dacheng's understanding, Liu Bin did not say to him before, now said, and Cao Lang also called, this is not what he can excuse. Work hard, code words, ask for tickets! (To be continued). If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point () to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. (To be continued.) The ninth volume starts from the beginning, and the fourteenth section is in the dark. The good mood brought by the conversation with Yang Zining disappeared in an instant. Lu Weimin pressed hard on his forehead and temple. He only felt his temple suddenly jumping, and the anger in his heart was hard to suppress. He felt that he had made his attitude clear enough, but some people regarded his concession as weakness and had to look forward to it. His eyes were fixed on the plan, and the words "Futou County Traffic Machinery Factory Restructuring Plan" on the surface of the plan made his eyes ache, which made him have an impulse to sweep the plan off his desk. This is the third time Qiao Xiaoyang sent over the plan, Yaode company, hum, really as an ignorant child to play? No, of course not, Qiao Xiaoyang will not be unclear about his own context, but he still dares to play this hand, is not fearless? Zhang Mingquan is right, Qiao Xiaoyang is not Ke Jianshe, Xiao Mingzhan will not fall out with himself for the sake of Ke Jianshe, but Qiao Sihuai there is different, sitting in the position of Qiao Sihuai, he has no means of attack on him, but the other side can move out a few to pick up their own, especially in the case of Qiao Xiaoyang in Futou. Anyone who wants to look at it under a magnifying glass will have problems, not to mention that Lu Weimin does not think he can stand up to a magnifying glass. Xiao Mingzhan side of the relationship has just eased, this relationship is very fragile, if there is Qiao Sihuai in the back to stir up trouble, perhaps Xiao Mingzhan will have another idea, Ke Jianjian's departure for Xiao Mingzhan is a bitter fruit that has to be swallowed, his concession does not mean that he is willing to do so, as long as there is a chance, he certainly wants to pull back this game. What is more troublesome is that the province is now actively negotiating with the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. It can be said that there can be no mistake now. Didn't Qiao Xiaoyang take a fancy to this critical juncture in front of him before he dared to do so? Lu Weimin tried to calm down his mood, Qiao Xiaoyang chose the right time, he did not dare to take the risk to veto his plan directly, but he was not helpless. His eyes returned to the plan, there is no doubt that Qiao Xiaoyang and Ren Guofei reached a compromise in private on this, Lu Weimin is not unaware of the private deal between Qiao Xiaoyang and Ren Guofei, but he thought he sent a message through Qiao Sihuai to show his attitude, Qiao Xiaoyang should be somewhat restrained,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, and even he was ready for some compromise, as long as it did not exceed his bottom line. He is willing to compromise, but can he now.

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