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Haha, of course, my "sons" are not people. They are stray dogs in a park near where I live.

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Haha, of course, my "sons" are not people. They are stray dogs in a park near where I live. They are really good. They never bark or bite people. Every day they will be good to wait here for me to bring them something to eat. They will put their hairy heads on my hands, lick me gently with their soft tongues, and perform their unique skills-dancing for me. Haha, they are like my brother, my friend. Come on, eat more. If you like, I'll ask the chef of the restaurant to give me more tomorrow, so I can bring you more. Seeing them happy makes me happy, too. Although I left them, I had to go back to my dark shack alone. Oh, looking at the rain in the sky, I think my shack is already wet at this moment. 'Very Male Voice Season 2 ', the whirlwind returns next Monday! Everyone must come to the competition! I looked up, and the noise came from the big screen in the south square of the park. On the big screen, which is much bigger than my house, the news about "very male voice" is being broadcast. "Very Male Voice" is the most popular talent show in our city and even in the whole country. Last year, when the show was first held,uns s32750 sheet, more than 300,000 contestants from all over the country participated and competed, and finally the top 13 were selected, each of whom became a big star, and the first boy is now a superstar. So there must be more boys with dreams to participate in the second season of "Very Male Voice"! I thought silently in my heart that there was a sea of people at the registration site on the big screen. But when I saw this scene, I sighed a little. Because I have to rely on the entertainment industry to eat, so I still know one or two inside stories of the entertainment industry. For example,x52 line pipe, the boy who won the championship last year seems to be the son of a high-ranking official, and his voice is really not very good. All the songs he sings are accompanied by a falling key. There is also his famous single, which sounds good not because of his voice but because of his song accompaniment, which was produced by Y. Hee hee, whisper to reveal, in fact, I made it. But no one will know that I did it, and the smile on my face stiffens a little when I think about it. You can't do this, Luduo. Be happy. You must be strong and happy. Come on, puppy, let's play for a while. I bent down to play with them for a while, but the little dogs, as if they had found gold, a333 grade 6 pipe ,316l stainless steel pipe, said goodbye to me one by one and ran to the other side. I looked up and saw that the angel boy was coming. An angel boy is a boy who comes to the park 10 minutes later than himself every day and takes things for stray dogs like me on the other side of the park. Come on. Every day he stands in the same place, which is the farthest corner of the park, so I can't see his face clearly, but I think he must be so handsome. Because he looks very tall, slightly thin, but has broad shoulders that look very warm and a strong waist with soft lines. Oh, what am I talking about? Ha ha ha. Today, the heavy rain makes his figure more blurred, but he is still so handsome! I firmly believe that a young man who is as kind as me must be as handsome as an angel. When I saw the dogs running to him, I gave him a sharp wave, and he nodded to me. We have been saying hello like this every day for a long time, almost a year. He came to take care of the puppies, and it was time for me to "retire after success". I briefly gathered up the small basket I had been using for food and started walking towards home. All the passers-by were in a hurry in the rainy streets, and the rain seemed to make the somewhat cold city even colder. Oh, Grandfather Sun, when on earth will you come out! Suddenly, I heard a voice, a voice that could only burst out in a sunny moment, so powerful, so young, so clear, so shocking! In my 15 years of life, I can assure you that I have never heard such a beautiful voice! Who is it? Where? On the other side of the road, a face jumped into my eyes. I recognized him, though he was wet with rain, though his beautiful eyes were closed. I wanted to walk over and feel his voice more closely, but my body had already been penetrated by his singing, and I was so moved that I couldn't move forward. Day and night! The youth favored by the God of music, day and night! This day, this moment, this second-April 12, 2009, 18:38:41! I firmly believe that only day and night is the most deserving teenager to become a superstar! If he can't stand on the top of the "very male voice" stage, then the world is really hopeless! His singing must be heard by everyone, otherwise it will be an irreparable regret for the world! I firmly believe! I firmly believe! The first chapter is the big devil who is favored by the gods. 1. “#%@¥#@…… %¥…… %¥¥##!” "Morning and night, morning and night, I love you!" "Day and night, day and night, we support you!" …… “@#%…… ¥#¥#@@¥¥%!” "Morning and night, morning and night, I love you!" "Day and night, day and night, we support you!" …… Sweat. Waterfall sweat! I huddled in the center of a large group of fans holding slogans such as "life in the morning and night" and "I love to die in the morning and night". I have a lot of cold sweat. I admit,uns c68700, as the first idol of Moriyama High School, the morning and evening are really.. I couldn't help looking up, and my eyes were immediately gripped tightly by his upright body.

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