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Because yuanmingyuan is very close to my school, I often came here to go boating when I was in college, but I could

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Because yuanmingyuan is very close to my school, I often came here to go boating when I was in college, but I could only look at the ruins in the air and think of its former elegance. Now that I have the opportunity to visit in person, I can't help but have a little interest in my indifferent heart. It's a pity that I was a little surprised that I didn't see many famous scenery in the legend along the way. On second thought, I'm afraid it will be built one after another. It seems that I don't have a good eye. Now looking at is also an ordinary garden, but also can not afford the'garden of ten thousand gardens' praise, at first the excitement of the interest faded down. Kangxi looked at the fruit trees planted by the fourth elder brother himself and listened to him talk about the different cultivation methods of fruit trees and the jokes made by the fourth elder brother when planting them. The father and son talked happily, and for a time people forgot that they were still monarchs and ministers. Kangxi was in high spirits and had already walked a lot. Li Dequan and I looked at each other and frowned. It seemed that he was thinking about how not to spoil Kangxi's interest and remind Kangxi to rest for a while. The fourth elder brother was standing under the tree to reply to Kangxi's words, and just turned to me. I made a gesture of sitting down and resting to him. As if he had not seen him, he continued to laugh back to Kangxi's words. When Kangxi finished asking, he said with a smile, "There are many chrysanthemums around the pavilion in front of us, which Huang Ama likes.". Huang Ama must go to appreciate it, and several of them are taken care of by the minister himself. As soon as Kangxi heard this, he laughed and said yes. They walked to the pavilion. Li Dequan looked at me with an approving smile. They followed Kangxi and the fourth elder brother. One side four elder brother mansion in the servant,jujube seed powder, early saw four elder brother's gesture, quickly left to call people to prepare. When Kangxi sat down on the rattan chair, the four elder brothers stood aside and pointed out the chrysanthemums they were taking care of one by one. They explained the origin and habits of the varieties very clearly. Kangxi nodded while listening. Not very good at kung fu, someone came with tea. I quickly took over and took out the tools prepared in advance to test the poison one by one. After Li Dequan tried them all in turn, he gave them to Kangxi. Kangxi looked at the scenery around the pavilion and drank tea casually. The four elder brothers chatted with each other. They talked from chrysanthemum to Mr. Wuliu,akba boswellic acid, from the Confucian spirit of entering the world to Laozi and Zhuangzi's governing by doing nothing, and finally returned to the hermit chrysanthemum in flowers. Kangxi was in high spirits and commented on the poems reciting chrysanthemums in detail. Li Dequan had not seen Kangxi so happy for a long time, and he stood aside with a smile on his face. The pavilion is full of smiles. Kangxi drank a lot of tea, but the snacks did not move a piece. After drinking tea and having enough rest, several people got up and continued to stroll slowly. On the way, Li Dequan served Kangxi and changed his clothes. The fourth elder brother and I waited in silence, while the rest of the entourage stood at a distance. Without moving my head, I looked aimlessly into the distance and whispered, "Your Majesty didn't have a snack just now. He will be hungry later.". Just look at the crops and melons and fruits planted by my son himself. He stood still for a moment, then turned and beckoned to his servant. After whispering for a while, the servant ran away quickly. When Kangxi came back, carnosic acid price ,pumpkin seed extract, several people turned around for a while. The fourth elder brother saw that Kangxi was in high spirits. He respectfully asked Kangxi to go into the hall for a short rest and then return by car. Kangxi smiled and nodded in agreement. After Kangxi sat down, Sifujin Wulanara came in with tea in her hand. With a smile on my face, I took the tray from Sifujin with a complicated taste. As I was testing the poison, Sifu Jin bowed down to pay his respects to Kangxi and replied with a smile, "These cakes are definitely not as good as those in the palace. They are just made by my daughter-in-law. They are a little filial piety to Emperor Ama. So I have to ask Emperor Ama to try them reluctantly." When Kangxi heard this, his interest increased greatly. Smiling, he took a piece from Li Dequan and tasted it. He nodded and said, "Not bad!"! It's very sweet. Sifujin followed Kangxi to pick up different cakes and said, "This chestnut cake is made of chestnut flour planted by Wang Ye.". This chrysanthemum cake is made of chrysanthemums that have only been appreciated by Emperor Ama in the eastern pavilion. Kangxi was so delighted that he tasted all the cakes one by one. The gentle and dignified Sifujin said in a sweet voice. I turned my head and looked out of the window. After Kangxi finished the cake, the maid brought the basin. I was about to roll my sleeves when I saw that Sifujin had already served Kangxi personally. Kangxi took one look at me and said with a smile, "how can a person who is usually the most eloquent person become a '?" Of saw-mouthed gourd today? " I bowed and pretended to be wronged and said, "Now that the emperor has a clever and clever daughter-in-law to serve him, he dislikes the rudeness of the maidservant." Sifujin said with a slight uneasiness, "I often hear that Miss Ruoxi has a beautiful heart, and she has been with Huang Ama for many years. Her knowledge and bearing are very comparable to those of ordinary people. If the girl uses the word" crude ", won't she be ashamed of us?" Kangxi smiled at Sifujin and said, "Don't pay any attention to her!"! She's just making a face to make me laugh. She's not that narrow-minded person. After Kangxi cleaned his hands, he laughed and said a few words to the fourth elder brother and the fourth Fujin. He turned his head and asked Li Dequan, "Do you still have the jade Ruyi that Burma paid tribute to?" Li Dequan replied, "There are four in all. One is in the hands of the Empress Dowager, one is given to the Concubine, and one is given to Minmin Gege. Now there is still one left." Kangxi said, "I'll send you back and reward you to the Ulanara family of Sifujin." Four elder brother and four Fujin smell speech, busy kneel down to thank. Kangxi said with a smile, "I haven't been so carefree for a long time. No matter how precious things are, they can't compare with your filial piety.". Who says there is no family happiness in heaven? "I'm just like an old man in an ordinary family today. I eat snacks planted by my son and made by my daughter-in-law." Kangxi sat for a while and then drove back to Changchun Garden with a smile. Four elder brothers and four Fujin knelt down to see Kangxi off. I sat in the car, lifted the curtain slightly, and stared at him kneeling in front of the crowd. The carriage started and drifted away. Just as he was about to lower the curtain, he suddenly looked up and stared at my carriage. His eyes, like substance, were nailed to my heart. My whole body was stiff and I looked at him steadily. His figure became more and more blurred until it disappeared, but his eyes still covered me everywhere. I lowered the curtain, covered my face with my hands, and tears ran through my fingers and fell silently on the blanket in the carriage,tannic acid astringent, as if I had never seen it before. --------------- Because Kangxi liked chrysanthemum, every time the chrysanthemum bloomed, there were always fresh chrysanthemums in the house for Kangxi to enjoy.

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