A piece of candy.-Crazy.

A piece of candy.-Crazy.A piece of candy.-Crazy.A piece of candy.-Crazy.A piece of candy.-Crazy.

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Go after him. The one who is being chased can run faster than him. The workmates all gathered around to disinfect, but most of them did not go up. Workers, since idle, there is fun to watch is the best pastime. A taxi just stopped, and there were few taxis at ordinary times. Fang Fenfen took a look at Fei Qinglong and got on the taxi. Said to the driver: "The train station." "Your boyfriend is chasing you." Said the driver. Fang Fenfen looked back, and Fei Qinglong ran behind the car, farther and farther away, until it turned into a small black spot, gradually. Paste, so farewell, some parting is a rheumatism, a miss of the weather on the torture, to break constantly. Torment to the end or end; some parting is a cerebral hemorrhage, caught off guard, so that no time to kiss goodbye. Tears, just one, one, one. What are you crying for? Is it my body crying, or mine? Memories are crying? Bought a ticket, sat on the luggage rack, the train has not come, the platform is empty, not to the Spring Festival, migrant workers The tide is brewing and has not yet broken out. During the Spring Festival last year, the train was a horrible tin box, and countless people were crowded in it. There were eight people sitting in the seats of four people, like a pyramid, on the ground, in the toilet, between the carriages. There are people under the seat. Every time I go home for the Spring Festival,thermal imaging camera, there are almost crazy guys on the train, some of whom are holding their hard-earned money for a year. Tickets were scattered everywhere, and there was a crocodile's horn on the ground. What was still fresh in Fang Fenfen's memory was that a migrant worker said as soon as he came up. There is a ghost, there is a ghost to his life, crying to stop, the conductor naturally when he is neuropathy, by the police to escort him to. At that time, Fang Fenfen was sitting on the floor of the dining car and dozing off. The migrant worker jumped out of the window of the dining car. Ji is dead. Is there really a ghost? Why didn't the ghost kill me, but let me live so painfully and let my relatives leave? Open, the lover betrayed. Ghost, where are you? Fang Fenfen looked at the track and suddenly had the impulse to lie down. Days have been Cold,facial recognization camera, hands frozen purple, the gap in the sweater into the wind, tears will soon dry, tears that little. The long strip of skin is very tight, like the one that washes your face with soap in winter. Fei Qinglong returned to his room, which was empty. When I went to the toilet, I found that there were stitches on the underwear I was wearing. It was sewn by Fang Fenfen. Man, how can you be so cruel. Where can she go besides the train station? What Fei Qinglong thought of, Jiang Xiwen had already thought of. The taxi is very It's hard to find, hard to show up when you need it, and it's all over the street when you don't. Jiang Xiwen has his own car. When Fei Qinglong was distressed that the meter jumped too fast, Jiang Xiwen was stepping on the accelerator and rushing forward, and the meter jumped. Suddenly, Fei Qinglong has less money in his pocket, which makes people feel desperate. So, when he arrived at the platform, he only saw Jiang Xiwen holding the crying Fang Fenfen, and he wanted to jump on Jiang. Xiwen, but there is no reason, after all, Fang Fenfen proposed to break up, Interactive digital signage ,smart interactive whiteboard, not to mention that he did something sorry for her. Yeah, what good is it for her to follow me, go home and open a grocery store together, and then have a baby without food and clothing? When you grow old, you never taste the life of a rich man until you die? It's nice to follow him. He's rich, he's got a car, he's handsome and Culture, the child is born to certainly not worry about tuition fees, it seems that he also likes her, there is a book said, love one Individuals are to make her happy. What qualifications do I, Fei Qinglong, have to give her happiness? She is right. He turned around and walked away, a gust of wind blew his hair in disorder, sand got into his eyes, and his nose was a little sour. He wiped his tears, wiped his nose by the way, and finally spat. Those who spit will be caught by the person in charge of hygiene. Had to be fined twenty yuan. During the argument, Fang Fenfen got into Jiang Xiwen's car. In sadness and hope, Wandering, she naturally did not notice the familiar figure outside the window. The banquet was almost ready, and a few small bureaucrats and businessmen who wanted to curry favor with the Jiang family arrived early. Some of them arrived on time, and the others were heavyweights. There are also a few stars, second-tier, who drank it. After a few drinks, he left in a hurry and said to Jiang Dingsheng, "Oh, I have to catch up with the announcement and leave earlier." In this way, After buying the house of Jiang Dingsheng Company, it will be at least 30% off. Being famous, even if it is a nickname, is more or less good. It's just how much it is. Jiang Xifan appeared during the banquet, greeted a few slightly familiar elders and went upstairs to sleep. The difference is not reversed. I have a headache. He thought, "Dad doesn't want me to learn to do business," and just wanted to scold. "***", then I thought, no, his mother is my grandmother, so I changed it to "my grandmother's". Fang Fenfen stood in the doorway, very embarrassed, refused to go in, the men and women in and out of the yard were dressed like. Gorgeous clothes like those on TV. "I'll go in through the back door," she whispered. "Why? This is my house." Jiang Xiwen doesn't care at all, which seems to be very similar to the two brothers. When the door opened, everyone was looking at Fang Fenfen and Jiang Xiwen, who was holding her hand, and the music was playing. Flow, but the atmosphere seems to have solidified. Sorry I'm late. I went to pick up a friend. Jiang Xiwen walked up to Bai Jie, "I'll see her off." Lou, come down and accompany everyone later. For Fang Fenfen, every second is like walking naked in a busy city. Her shoes are very old and her sweater is. Old-fashioned round collar, a little short, but the trousers are very long, almost can be dragged to the ground, no makeup, no fine. God, timid, stood shivering in his cage like a little hen. Up the stairs, closed the door, it is a very large room, Jiang Xiwen said: "You wait for me for half an hour, I Be right back. I'll have to explain to them why I'm late. Stay here and don't go anywhere. Fang Fenfen nodded, and there was no one else to trust but him. Hearing the sound of closing the door, Jiang Xifan thought that his brother had come back. Open the door ready to ask him things, but see one. A woman sat on his bed. It's normal to bring a woman back,temperature screening kiosk, but this woman really doesn't seem to need to be brought back to bed. The woman, too rustic! The elder brother's taste is really horrible now, even if he is so miserable that he has no interest in betting. hsdtouch.com

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