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Park dad continued: "Later, finally God bless, three days later, Hyo-joon woke up, did not become a vegetable, but the nightmare has been pestering him, although not become a vegetable, but that is also because of the head injury, traumatic sequelae is IQ degeneration, until now, has been 25 years old Hyo-joon, only 10 years old children's IQ." Always from time to time when his mother and I go to work, bullying Hyojun, in order to protect his brother, Jiyeon began to learn Taekwondo, a study is 7 years. Han Fei felt a cold air around him, and he had goose bumps all over his body. He seemed to see a little girl, in order to protect her mentally retarded brother, facing a group of boys who were much taller than her, fighting with them. Imagine the helpless figure of Park Ji-yeon at that time, Han Fei could not help feeling a little sad. The doctor said, Hyojun this disease is not without treatment, but to maintain the course of treatment, need to spend a lot of treatment costs, how can the family afford, until Jiyeon in 2008, without telling us, to participate in the MentMedia CoreContents Madia company trainee selection. She joined MentMedia Core Contents Madia. She told us after she was selected, and we agreed because of her firm appearance. Later, after a series of high-intensity training, a year and a half later, she made her debut. She spent all the money she earned on Xiaojun's treatment. She seldom bought expensive things and was reluctant to buy them. Every time she got a sum of money from her bank card, she immediately remitted it to my account. After more than two years of treatment, Xiaojun's condition has gradually improved, the whole family seems to see hope, Jiyeon is to earn their own money, a lot of sent to the hospital, but this course of treatment, is absolutely long, perhaps now effective, but also temporary, what will happen in the future, no one knows. Maybe Xiaojun will be a person with low IQ all his life. Now we can manage, in the future, these burdens will be on Jiyeon, do you understand? 。 Park Dad said heavily. Han Fei is silent, the heart is very heavy, these Park Ji-yeon has not said with oneself, for a time, wants to let him accept, also really cannot accept. Love is beautiful, you gave Ji-yeon an unforgettable first love, but later, the reality is cruel, you are the only child in the family, you must go back to China in the future, but can Ji-yeon go with you? It's not that I want to break you up. To be honest, I like you very much. Your academic performance is so good, and now your career is booming. But have you ever thought about what will happen in the future when you fall in love with Jiyeon? Child, sometimes, love is not a matter of two people, Jiyeon did not tell you this at the beginning, just do not want to let you know, she wants to experience the feeling of love, temperature check kiosk , that kind of ignorant taste, even if only a few months, you think about it. "Park Dad patted Han Fei on the shoulder, stood up and walked to the box.". Han Fei is still sitting alone on the steps, he has always thought that love is a matter of two people, as long as two people like each other, any difficulties can be overcome, he has been creating a perfect atmosphere of first love, but did not think that Jiyeon's family will be like this, now his mind has been echoing with a sentence "love, not two people". At this moment, his head is muddy, a paste, in the face of unexpected things, did not do a trace of preparation work, for a time his high IQ brain, also can not think of any good way. Muddleheaded into the box, still with a smile on his face, he saw the worried look on Park Ji-yeon's face, and he cast a relieved look at Park Ji-yeon. Although there are rich dishes on the table, but several people eat completely tasteless, Han Fei is thinking about the future, Park Ji-yeon is thinking about how to continue this relationship, perhaps Han Fei will accept himself, perhaps, two people will really come to an end. Ask for subscription, monthly ticket, collection, recommendation and reward This chapter writes some puppy blood, but I think it's OK, and I can get by. Chapter 209: Love is not a matter of two people. Chapter 209: Love is not a matter of two people, to the website. [Chapter 210 of the main text: Belongs to me] Chapter 210: Belongs to me (second watch, please subscribe) Chapter 210: Belongs to me. Fixed camera lens, the scene of eating is still very lively, Han Fei from time to time put the dish into Park Ji-yeon's bowl, but there are some subtle points, the camera can not shoot. After a meal, several people were tasteless and hastily finished. Park's father and mother agreed to the request of the "I Knot" crew, in order to see their daughter's boyfriend, and there are some things to be made clear in advance. Park Ji-yeon has not said anything, perhaps from the parents, it is more appropriate. Goodbye, uncle and aunt. After Han Fei and Park Ji-yeon sent Park's father and mother to the taxi, there were only two people left. Park Ji-yeon looked a little restrained, lowered her head slightly, and dared not look at Han Fei. Let's go, eat so full, we should take a walk to digest. "Han Fei took Park Ji-yeon's left hand with ten fingers crossed, took a step, and the cameraman followed. In fact, Han Fei does not really want to eat, but now he must think about it, think about what to do in the future, if not holding Park Ji-yeon's hand, he is afraid that he will give birth to the idea of breaking up, he is really afraid. Street people, and began to surround up, Han Fei did not care, has been immersed in their own small world, Park Ji-yeon also did not have the usual laughter, let Han Fei hand in hand, walking, she really hope that this road has no end, then she can go on with him. Unconsciously, two people have been walking in the street for nearly an hour, even the cameraman is a little impatient, rubbed his sour shoulders, and once again very dedicated to carry the camera. At this time, Han Fei released Park Ji-yeon's hand and went to the cameraman. Senior, Jiyeon and I have something to say today. Can we stop shooting first? Han Fei asked.

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