Good Death _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt Novel Paradise

Good Death _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt Novel ParadiseGood Death _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt Novel Paradise

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They could not help but gasp, they never thought that the place where Princess Star was imprisoned would be in the palace of the Sunset Empire. The elf queen clenched her teeth. She hesitated for a minute. Then she suddenly turned to Dumb and said, "Dumb, don't go in, you three.". The palace of the Sunset Empire is bound to be guarded by many masters. After all, this is our own business. You wait here. If we succeed in rescuing the star, we will give it to you. You will send her back to the elves. If we fail, we can only blame God for ending the continuation of our elves, and only blame our elves for their bitter fate. Then he would flap his wings and fly into the palace. Dumb grabbed the elf queen's arm and hurriedly said, "Auntie, now that we are here, how can we not help you?"? Even if we die here today, we will certainly do our best for the elves. Hearing Dumb's words, the elf queen's whole body shook, and her beautiful eyes showed deep feelings. She gently stroked Dumb's long black hair and sighed: "My child, aunt knows you are well-intentioned, but aunt can't be so selfish to let you take risks again. You wait here. Aunt believes that no one can stop us from concentrating more than 70% of the strength of the elves.". Even if we can't save the stars, the Sunset Empire will have to pay a heavy price. Say that finish,grey marble slab, fight to get rid of Dumb's hand, will fly. The Rock suddenly said, "Your Majesty, wait a minute. I'm afraid it's very difficult for you to save Princess Xing'er.". We need to plan first. The elf queen smiled sadly and said, "There is no time to plan. Now we can only stay here for more than an hour, and then we will be transported back by the power of the ancient elf tree. That will lose the last chance." The Rock shook his head and said, "I have an idea in my mind. In fact,pietra gray marble, it is very simple. With this method, we are much more likely to succeed." Elf female Wang Yileng, ask: "What method?" "Your Majesty," said the Rock, "I think you must be able to feel the approximate position of your Highness. As long as you use natural magic to create chaos in the other direction of the palace, and then act, the possibility of success is not much greater? In the direction of the chaos, it is bound to attract a large number of enemies, do you understand what I mean? The elf queen's eyes lit up. "I'm so confused. Well, let's do it.". Create chaos? All right, let's use the elf resuscitation. Four elves, you help me. Nine elves protect the Dharma. Let's go back over there. As she spoke, she pointed to a dark alley not far from the palace. Eighteen people quickly retreated. The elf queen looked at her people solemnly and said in a deep voice, Agate Slabs For Sale ,white marble slabs, "Success or failure depends on it. Well, let's start.". In the name of the ancient kings of the elves, I call you, soul of the elves! The four elves stood at the four corners of the elf queen's body and chanted, "I call you, spirit of the elf!" A faint green light swirled around them, setting off the elf queen in the center. The elf queen closed her eyes, made a strange gesture with her hands on her chest, and whispered, "Wake up, my elf heart, with the elf blood as a guide." The green light around her body suddenly became strong, and she kept chanting unknown incantations in the language of the elves, and the green light became more and more intense, illuminating the surrounding alleys. Dumb was taken aback. He knew clearly that if he went on like this, he would be discovered by the people in the palace before the spell was over. Quickly stir up the Shengsheng True Qi in the body, and under the illusion of the Shengsheng Change Method, the yellow-green solid energy forms a light film, which covers the top of the Elf Queen and the four Elves, blocking the light they emit. The nine elves were also aware of this problem at the same time. Almost at the same time, they pulled out a leaf from their own clothes made of plants. Under the urging of the spell, the leaf expanded rapidly, forming a layer of barrier, covering a layer of barrier outside Dumb's living True Qi. From the outside, the light was almost invisible. Under the elf spell that the elf queen kept singing, a green elf flew out from between her eyebrows, looking almost exactly like herself, transparent and light on her shoulder, layers of green ripples spread out with the green elf as the center, and the elves around felt refreshed at the same time. The Elf Queen's spell did not stop, she still closed her eyes, constantly singing, and the four elves kept singing, a circle of green light from their bodies, into the body of the Elf Queen. Dumb turned to Zhuo Yun, who had nothing to do, and asked, "Sister, what spell is this?" Zhuo Yun said with a dignified face, "This is one of the forbidden spells of our elves. Its function is to make all the plants in the range grow crazily, and then attack all the creatures without elf breath. But it only limits the body of the attacked person, and will not cause real harm. In fact,Pietra Gray Marble, the magic of our elves itself has few spells that directly kill the enemy.". If you are around us, you will not be attacked. This Elf Curse is used to save plants or when the Elf City is attacked by the Inferno. I didn't expect Her Majesty to use it now. Wait and see. I've only heard of this spell, but it's the first time I've seen it. But I'm afraid the power of the forbidden curse will be very great. WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Chapter 76 the melody of growth.

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