Bath the fire and burn the gods

It was decided to rescue all the women buried in the sealed gems here. Out of this space together.

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"I can do it that way." As Eve spoke, she was timid, and her pink face showed a faint blush. He lowered his head and said shyly, "Maybe I can save him." As soon as Mistura and Driss heard it, they knew in what way she meant. They all changed their faces and said, "No." "Why?"? All this is the result of my mistakes. Eve said anxiously, "When the demon refiner of our life system reaches the level of goddess, God will give her the most precious gift.". With this gift, you can cure all strange and unknown diseases. Do you want to watch him not wake up for the rest of his life? "Here?" The two goddesses were stunned, and they also knew the magic of life. Including the virginity of the goddess of life, can indeed cure any strange disease. But now both women are tied to Liu Qian, and subconsciously they resist the deep contact between others and him. You two are too selfish. Eve suddenly changed her good voice and said angrily, "Are you two too selfish?"? For their own selfish desires, regardless of Liu Qian's life. Let him lie here like a living dead man. Immediately, he whispered, "Don't worry, I just want to make up for my mistakes.". I won't rob him with you. When he is cured, when everything is done, I will leave him forever. Both women looked at each other. However,rapid sand filters, she also felt that what Eve said was not wrong. Although the heart is very reluctant, but also had to let her try. After the two goddesses agreed, they were allowed to take the initiative to avoid it. Slowly floated to Liu Qian's side, quietly looking at his face as if sleeping. The scene of the day when he fought against the thunder came to mind. Before she knew it, tears were running down her cheeks. The clothes, which symbolized white and pure, gently slipped down from her smooth and crystal clear back. The white light was so strong that it wrapped the two men tightly inside. I don't know how long it's been. Liu Qian finally woke up slowly and saw the three goddesses staring at themselves nervously and expectantly. Liu Qian suddenly blinked his eyes and laughed: "Is it possible that I am in heaven?"? How can there be such a beautiful woman? "Liu Qian." First,filter nozzle, she lost control and threw herself into her arms. "You scared us." Then Missus Dora threw herself recklessly on the other side of him, sobbing and calling, "Master." "Oh, Mistora, you look so beautiful now." Smiling, Liu Qian held up her chin and said, "She is indeed a goddess of wisdom. She is handsome enough.". No wonder you want Eve to help you get your body back. I almost lost control when I saw it. In the face of Liu Qian deliberately relaxed atmosphere of flirtation, Misdora's long red hair under the pretty face, can not help but a red. Hey, who woke me up just now? Liu Qian snapped his fingers and took out a suit of clothes from the ring. After putting it on, he said with a smile, "I'm really having a good dream. I dreamed that on an uninhabited island, hundreds of fairies and goddesses in hidden clothes let me.." Before the words fell, disc air diffuser ,lamella tube, they were caught in the vines of Darius, and the fireball of Mistora was thrown at him. Who would have thought that Liu Qian just earned it lightly. The vine, which had made him suffer a great loss, immediately cracked. But when the fireball hit his chest, he was not hurt. Everyone, including Liu Qian, was stunned. The two goddesses, although they were only annoyed by his words and wanted to teach him a little lesson, did not really use all their strength. However, it is incredible to be so easily broken by Liu Qian. Previously to Liu Qian, under the joint attack of the two goddesses, the only way out was to play dead and surrender. "Hey, what happened when I fell to the ground?" Instead, Liu Qian couldn't make head or tail of it and said with an embarrassed smile, "I feel that there seems to be endless power in my body. The realm of cultivation in the golden body period is definitely not so powerful.". Could it be that I crossed a golden body thunder and became an immortal directly? No, no, I feel the body. Could it be that the body becomes a God? After thinking about it, I didn't come up with a bright mirror. Simply no longer think, back to see their own unscrupulous master after asking not everything is clear. But he did not find that the goddess of life, who hid behind and did not rush into his arms, secretly shed a drop of tears of sadness and relief in her eyes. Liu Qian where expected, oneself a strange combination of circumstances, overbearing abnormal devour day plunder heart, and suffered plunder heart bite back. However, with his excellent will, as well as his ability to resist the thunder. After countless years of struggle, he finally fought for control of his body. And his own body, because of countless years of transformation, has long combined his yuan Ying with his body. Than the usual so-called fit period, is more powerful do not know how many times. Later, she got the gift of the goddess of life. The kind of power that even Andrew would covet. Make Liu Qian's strength by leaps and bounds, only in terms of combat effectiveness, catch up with Bai Xian. It's a blessing in disguise. Not immortal, but not inferior to immortal. The women also no longer mention. Because you don't know what's going on outside, you are also very worried. It was decided to rescue all the women buried in the sealed gems here. Out of this space together. Liu Qian breathed a long sigh of relief as he breathed the air of Tianfeng Continent. "It's better to breathe the air of Tianfeng Continent," he said. "Even the air is full of lascivious air." Indeed, the air quality on the mainland of Tianfeng is many times better than that in the narrow space. Zhu Nu gave him a white look and found the nearby city. After a little inquiry, it seems that only a few years have passed. This can also sigh, the three goddesses muddleheaded in the inside while practicing, while taking care of Liu Qian. Unconsciously, I'm afraid it's been at least ten thousand years. Even they themselves feel that their own strength is much stronger than ten thousand years ago. Mistora went to the Magical Society, in the name of Melia. Directly ask them to deal with the women rescued from that space. Of course,Lamella Plate Settler, Liu Qian is strongly opposed to this, saying that after so many years, these women must have been homeless. Why don't you let him have a good heart and raise it together.

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