How You Can Make Home Cool without Installing Air Conditioner

In this article, we will discuss some essential tips that will be helpful to you to keep your home cool without installing air conditioner.


The summer season is at its peak. The temperature starts to rise early in the morning. At noon, people have to face severe hot temperatures. That's why people try to use various ways to keep their homes cool. Some people have air conditioners, and they can easily keep their homes cool by turning on these air conditioners. Now, the problem is that everyone can't afford these air conditioners. They are looking for alternative methods to keep their homes cool without installing air conditioners. 

1. Be Smart About The Doors And Windows:

The heat comes to your rooms through doors and windows. During the daytime, you should close the doors and windows at your home. These closed windows and doors prevent the heat from coming into your home. The night hours are cooler than the day hours. Therefore, we should allow the air to pass through our homes during the night hours. It is the best idea to keep the house cool by keeping the doors and windows of your home open during the night hours without installing air conditioner.

2. Fan Hack For Cool Air :

If you want to take the feelings of faux sea breeze without installing air conditioner, you will have to use a fan hack. You should take a big bowl and fill it with small pieces of ice. After filling it with small pieces of ice, you should keep it at an angle in front of a pedestal fan. When the air whips off the ice, you will enjoy the feelings of extra-chill and extra-misty state of the air.

3. Set Your Ceiling Fans To Rotate Counter-Clockwise:

Most of us don't know how to set the seasonal rotation of the ceiling fans. In most of the houses, the fans are set to rotate clockwise. If we set the fans' blades to rotate clockwise, these blades will spread the air in the whole room. On the other hand, if we set the fans' blades to rotate counter-clockwise, these blades will push the air straight down. You can increase the speed of the ceiling fans on hot days.

4. Insulate Your Attics And Walls:

Many things can keep our homes warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. The most important example of it is insulation. It is also an inexpensive means to keep your home cool without installing an air conditioner. Using this technique, you can decrease your electricity bill by allowing the cool air to stay in the home in summer and keeping hot air in the house in winter.

5. Bake And Wash At Night:

The large appliances give off a significant amount of heat like cooking ranges, ovens, washing machines, driers, etc. If we are using these appliances during the day hours, the significant amount of the heat from these appliances will further increase the temperature of our homes. If we want to save our homes from these hot conditions, we should try to bake and wash at night. The cooler temperature at night will offset their heat.

6. Install Cooling Curtains:

As shared by a masters dissertation help firm, this is also an essential hack to decrease your home's temperature without installing air conditioner. Using this technique, you will have to take a sheet and spray it with cold water. After spraying it with cold water, you will have to hang it in front of the window's openings. The breeze will hit this sheet before entering your home. When the breeze hits the damp fabric and enters your home, it will decrease its temperature. You should install cooling curtains during the daytime. At night time, you will have to remove these curtains.

7. Use Insulated Window Films:

We are using insulated window films for various purposes. First, it is the best technique to ensure privacy in your home. By using it, you can view the outdoors. Secondly, it is also the best technique to decrease energy costs. These insulated window films provide the facility of 98% heat reduction compared to other unprotected windows. As a result, you can reduce temperature imbalances in your home without wasting electricity on the air conditioners.

8. Try Planting Vines:

By planting vines, you can also decrease the temperature of your room. The vines grow quickly and provide a cooling shade to your home. As it covers most of your walls, these walls prevent the heat from increasing the temperature of your room from the exterior side. If your hobby is gardening, you will enjoy it.

9. Don't Use Incandescent Lights:

If you are using incandescent lights in your home, you should immediately replace these incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lamps. The incandescent lights dissipate most of the energy in heat energy. As a result, it will greatly increase your home's temperature. When you replace these incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lamps, you can decrease the temperature in your home. Moreover, it is also the best technique to decrease your electricity bill.

10. Opt For A White Roof:

We should try to use white material on the walls. The most important benefit of white roofs is that it doesn't absorb heat. As it does not absorb heat, it will not contribute to increasing the room's temperature.

Final Thought:

No matter how much you love the sunshine, there's nothing worse than sweltering in your own home. Some planning and these simple tips on keeping your home cool can make our home pleasant this summer without installing air conditioner.