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How to Start a Paper in MLA? Easy Hacks

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How to Start a Paper in MLA? Easy Hacks 


Writing a paper that gets you praise, and a good grade is a real challenge. Partly because there are just so many different things to consider and take care of. With formatting being one of them, and perhaps the most difficult to master too.

Add that to the pressure of finishing your paper in time and things begin to spiral out of control really fast. So, to save essay writer from crashing and burning, some useful tips regarding MLA format are covered below. And hopefully, by the time you are done reading them, you will have a better grip on how to write your paper.

General Rules

Whenever you are writing your paper and have to work with MLA, there is a standard set of things that you always need to ensure. According to this, your paper should:

  • Be typed on a computer.
  • Be printed out on a paper size of 8.5 inches by 11 inches.
  • Have text that is double spaced throughout your paper.
  • Be using a font that is quite legible. With Times New Roman being the common font of choice.
  • Use a 12-point font.
  • Not leave more than a single space after used periods or any other punctuation marks.
  • Have 1-inch margins on all sides.
  • Have an indent of half an inch in the first line of each paragraph. It is preferred that you use the “Tab” key for this and not just press space five times in a row.
  • Have a header on every page that should include the page number. With the header being located in the top right corner of your page.
  • Use italics whenever a long title needs to be written. Text can also be italicized when there is a need to emphasize something. However, this should only be used when it is absolutely necessary.
  • In case you have any endnotes, you must add them on a separate page. And by now if you're confused by all this, it's okay to look for an essay writer service online. Regardless, your endnotes should be located immediately before your works cited page. You also need to give this section the title of "Notes".


The second most important thing to know before writing your paper is how to cite the different sources you use. Which again can be a really hard thing to grasp. But they are still an important part of your paper as they add credibility to what you are saying.

But don’t worry because it gets easier once you know what to do. Start by remembering exactly what sources you’ll use in your paper. This helps because when someone sits and thinks I’m going to write my essay today; they best know what information they’ll be adding.  Then at the end of those sentences simply add your citation in parentheses.

Your citation needs to give the author’s last name and the page numbers that you used for the information. For instance, if you are referring to a book written by Fritz Ferguson, specifically page 310.

Your intext citation would look like this, (Ferguson 310). But always remember that for each in-text citation that you add to your text, there needs to be a corresponding reference for it. This reference is added on a separate “Works Cited” page at the end of your paper and needs to give full details regarding the particular source.


In the end, the entire process isn’t all that impossible. The only things needed from you are a little extra time and effort. So, if you stick to the different rules and tips mentioned above you will get familiar with the MLA style in no time. And if you ever face any problems simply ask your instructor for help or look for some online.


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