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  • What is the conclusion in the thesis?
  • Does the diploma conclusion have its own structure?
  • Introductory part
  • Descriptive part
  • Final part

The conclusion is considered the logical end of the thesis. This cherry on the cake is almost the main accent. First, the results are always interesting to everyone, even if the content is ignored. Secondly, in the conclusion there is a place for the author's personal position. Therefore, the importance is difficult to overestimate. And revision is guaranteed for non-compliance with the structure of the diploma. There are many secrets and subtleties of writing, and we will tell some of them in this article.

What is the conclusion in the thesis?

As you have already understood over the years of study, student work is not just a presentation on a free topic. There is structure and rules. The conclusion is an obligatory element of the thesis research. No one will delve into chapters and sections in search of final conclusions. Therefore, it is quite logical that there is always such a part before the list of references.

Mandatory characteristics of the conclusion:

  • own structure;
  • final conclusions;
  • availability of recommendations and an indication of the scope of application of developments;
  • uniqueness;
  • consistency and consistency of presentation;
  • reliability;
  • full compliance with the content of the study;
  • disclosure of all the tasks stated in the introduction.

In order not to get confused, you can directly take the introduction and answer each of its points. These structural parts are roughly equal, but the conclusion may be less. The volume of this fragment for a standard master's thesis is 2-4 printed pages or up to 8 thousand characters without spaces.

In conclusion, there should be no room for fantasies, lyrical digressions and artistic words. Scientific style, clarity, brevity are considered essential attributes. Moreover, it doesn't matter what subject you write. Whether it's biology or an accounting report. But if you do not know how, for example, to write a work on an accounting report, then we will always tell you, you just need to follow the link.

Does the diploma conclusion have its own structure?

Yes, and this must be remembered. It looks strange when from the first sentence there is a numbered list with points of what, where and how to do it. Such conclusions are appropriate and should be, but in accordance with the structure. And it is like this:

Introductory part

Bring the reader up to date as if he or she is first exploring the topic. A short excursion into a few sentences or a couple of paragraphs is sufficient. For example, the beginning of the conclusion on thesis on the topic "The reasons for the rise in crime among adolescents" may be like this.

“In the United States, the level of crime committed by persons under the age of 18 is steadily increasing. According to statistics from the official website of the state for 2021, this figure was 9%. The problem is actualized by the expansion of the spheres of manifestation of deviant behavior and the increase in the percentage ratio of serious crimes to the total mass of offenses. Considering that a healthy population with a high level of legal culture serves as a guarantee of the nation's well-being, research on this issue is important to ensure prevention and minimize manifestations. "

Descriptive part

This is the basis of the conclusion, which contains all the theses and conclusions on the work done. If we return to the example of the above-mentioned topic, in such a study it is appropriate to point to the results of drawing a psychological portrait of criminals, their living and learning environment, preconditions of behavior, and statistics of detection. Comparison of data with past periods and experience of other countries is acceptable. The results of surveys and monitoring and other experimental methods are presented. This part is the most informative and its writing can specifically affect your final grade. Therefore, if you are writing a work, for example, in the natural sciences, in which there should be many experimental methods, then we can help you increase your possible grade

Final part

This block is devoted to recommendations and forecasts. The author indicates how he sees the solution to the problem, and how he can argue for this. Using our example, it is appropriate to propose an integrated approach and the introduction of a specific program for working with adolescents, for example, at the level of an educational institution, in order to detect the prerequisites in time. The conclusion of the conclusion indicates why the problem can be partially solved and what are the prospects given the current dynamics.

In general, the content of the main and final parts directly depends on the direct content of the thesis. The conclusions cannot reflect thoughts and ideas that are not traced in the text.

The conclusion must be a unique piece. You can't just copy the intermediate pins from the main job and connect them.

The main life hack on how to check your own conclusion is to read the introduction and compare all the tasks prescribed in it with the results of the work. As a rule, a separate chapter or sub-chapter is devoted to each problem in the diploma. Therefore, it is difficult to make a mistake in the account. It is very reckless to ignore or omit some points.

Graduate students have two problems: underestimated or overestimated difficulty of the task. And there, and there the result can be disastrous. Conclusion is not the most incredible job in life, but it is not an ordinary task either. Moreover, a thesis and several years of study are at stake. The secret is simple. Don't have time, don't want to or don't understand how to write? Contact the Essay assistant here. For many years now, we have been the main student aides throughout the country.



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