Where to Look for Outlaw Island in Lost Ark

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If the player has an available ship and crew for normal missions, they are immediately available to be deployed. However, special missions are different since they are designed to Lost Ark Gold be used for content in the endgame and require the player to take on the chaos aura and collect souls should they wish to take one away.

However, the missions aren't immediately available in Lost Ark. Instead, players must upgrade their stronghold to minimum level 2 and attain level 50 on their characters. At this point, players need to visit an NPC known as Vern and help him around the city, and then unlock certain roster missions. These roster missions are then going to let the player discover the first Chaos Dungeon, where players can earn Harmony Shards in Lost Ark.

Return to the stronghold, then head towards the main mansion. Try to start a quest that leads towards the docks. On the docks, an NPC named Adventurer Edwin complains that nobody wants him to be part of their raid group. Select a few dialog options and you will be prompted to complete the adventure "Legendary Monster Slayer" will be activated, which serves as a unique instruction for the player on how to complete the mission. Finish the quest, and you're done. Special missions unlocked.

Where to Look for Outlaw Island in Lost Ark

Before we begin taking in all the treasures that are on Buy Lost Ark Power leveling Outlaw Island, we have to locate Outlaw Island first! Let's look at Outlaw Island's location within Lost Ark below.


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