СБА ОНЛАЙН (Системный Бизнес Анализ Онлайн) бизнес торговая платформа нового поколения, основанная на принципах социальных сообществ в интернете. SBA ONLINE (System Business Analysis Online) a new generation business trading platform based on the principles of social communities on the Internet.

Suhba.online it is an international social network. A model of a virtual community that will become a platform for various Internet services. 95 languages of translation of messages and user content, will allow Internet users who speak different languages to communicate freely without language barriers and view content.

Email: info@suhba.net - For general inquiries;
Email: network@suhba.net - Regarding applications on Suhba Platform;
Company blog: Suhba official blog

Company Suhba

Suhba company was founded in 2017. In Arabic, "Suhba" means "peace", "community" or "friendship". The main ideology of the company "Suhba" - bringing people of different faiths, nationalities and cultures. The Arabic word in the name of the Russian company appeared not by chance also because the main values, largely lost in the West-the values of family, spiritual self-knowledge, sacrificial service to people and faith-are fully preserved in the East.
The company's goal: to overcome all political, cultural and language barriers, to open the world of universal values through the Internet. Creating a secure Internet for communication, work, education, parenting. Build your own data center and independent platform for intellectual property protection.
Company Suhba today is a software company with offices in UAE and Russia, and representatives in other countries. The company also participates in developing IT solutions around the world.
However, the main and most important project of company Suhba is the international social network suhba.net. Suhba is the first social network which is based on a safe environment for children and adolescents, as well as their parents. All content is moderated to create secure content.

Suhba.online is a rapidly growing and expanding social network with a lot of potential and great vision for the future. There are currently 6 languages supported by the system. The system is currently running in Beta version, but an upgraded version with be rolled out within the next few weeks, and gradual updates will occur in the future as the system is constantly being improved and modified.

List of our Offices:

1. UAE, Dubai, Dubai Silicon Oasis, FZCO "Suhba-Consulting";
2. Russia, Moscow, "Suhba" JSC;
3. Spain, Valencia, "Suhba-Technology" LA;
4. Turkey, Istanbul, "Suhba-Vostok" LLC;